...An oasis of peace.

The atmosphere surrounding the inn is rich in rivers, creeks, streams and estuaries, where local wildlife finds refuge. Hectares with different species of birds and fish, a true paradise for those who love nature and enjoy watching candid clouds move over a deep blue sky. An extensive color range that seduces and enchants visitors arriving from anywhere in the world. In trees, plains and rivers you can see birds of beautiful colors like turpial, heron, toucan, hummingbird, macaw, the hawk, the corocora and many more.

how to get?

In the State of Barinas - Venezuela, right in the heart of the High Plains, is Posada Doña Bárbara.



Meet ecological hotel in barinas ..

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What we offer

Ping Pong table
Children areas
Amenities saloon.

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+58 (0251) - 935.07.22 / 817.00.13Posada: +58 (0273) - 511.23.64